The Xylogen Solution

The Challenge

Tremendous opportunity exists today for businesses and institutions to make the environmentally and financially sound decision to use local biomass (wood pellets or wood chips) to satisfy their heating needs.  Yet, at the same time, there may be great reluctance to consider these advanced technologies and to commit capital to them when there is a perceived risk in taking a non-standard approach.

We realize that the adoption of new technology requires a special commitment by the installer to ensure that the system operates at peak efficiency over its entire life span.  We have found a way of providing that commitment while removing the obstacles to choosing these high-performance systems.

The Solution

Xylogen LLC provides a comprehensive biomass heating service unique in the industry.  We have crafted the Xylogen Thermal Service Agreement, a mutually beneficial profit-sharing strategy that gives you and us the best incentives to conserve energy and to operate our respective facilities and equipment at top efficiency.

The Xylogen Thermal Service Agreement includes the following:

  1. System design, purchase and installation
  2. Ongoing monitoring and optimization of the system’s operation
  3. All maintenance and repair of the installed equipment for the life of the contract
  4. All fuel procurement and consumption recordkeeping
  5. Zero capital commitment from you
  6. Direct benefits to the environment, the local economy, you and us.  This is truly a win-win-win-win situation!

We allow you to get out of the heating business by fully outsourcing your heating needs to us.

How Does It Work?

The activities of Xylogen LLC are supported by quarterly service payments from you.  These payments are adjusted over time to account for fuel-cost inflation and for fuel consumption at your facility.  We work with you as a team to operate our equipment and your facility as efficiently as possible, then provide you with a rebate representing a share of the energy-cost savings we’re able to generate together.

Who Are We?

Xylogen LLC represents the formalization of an ongoing professional collaboration begun in 2005 between Mark Froling of Froling Energy and Henry Spindler (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, MIT) of Optimal Energy Solutions LLC.  Mark’s work has included industrial construction (including multiple facilities for New England Wood Pellet) and, in the last several years, installation of renewable energy systems for schools, municipalities, private companies and individuals.  These installations have included solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems as well as biomass (i.e., wood in the form of pellets, chips and logs) heating systems.  Henry has contributed to Mark’s projects by providing engineering consultation on building envelope design and heating system design (including customized control system design).  His specialty is the unification of the mechanical systems and their controls to make the entire system operate as efficiently as possible.

The core competencies and values-based approach that Mark and Henry bring to Xylogen LLC are unique.  We understand that it takes both good equipment and great execution to make a project successful.  Even great equipment with poorly implemented controls leads to tremendous waste.   We see that time and again in the facilities we visit.

We care that we perform projects with lasting value.  We’re formalizing that core value and putting some “skin in the game” by making our compensation depend on the efficient operation of the systems we install on your property.  We also bring you on board by offering you the chance to profit from the efficient operation of your facility.  Who would dream up a package like this?  We would, because we believe that true success in this field depends on a highly skilled, sustained and collaborative effort to benefit everybody involved.

Final Words

We have seen nothing like our mutually beneficial package in the energy field.  Generally, incentives are poorly aligned for one party or the other.  For example, an oil company benefits from a customer’s leaky building, inefficient boiler, etc.  Conversely, the tenant who occupies a building with heat included has no financial incentive to conserve energy.

We have solved the “perverse incentive” problem and offer you a heating solution grounded on solid engineering, superior installation and workmanship and a long-term commitment to working with you toward mutual profit, environmental benefit and the strength of our local economy.