The Essence of Our Offering

In crafting Xylogen’s offering, we started out with the core understanding that all parties need to benefit from doing the right thing for the long term.  All efforts to increase efficiency, to reduce heating requirements, to minimize maintenance expenses by designing with longevity and easy maintenance in mind…  All these must be rewarded.  A long-term commitment to efficiency brings a different mindset to the job.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • At no capital cost to the customer, Xylogen installs a new state-of-the-art heating plant fueled primarily with local, renewable biomass (wood pellets or wood chips).
  • We set up a long-term service agreement to provide heat to the customer.  We don’t sell boiler installations or the hassle and expense of owning expensive equipment—we sell heat.
  • In exchange for annual payments, the customer outsources all heating needs to Xylogen.  We take care of all maintenance, repairs, fueling—everything required to keep the heat coming out of the boiler room.
  • Both the customer and Xylogen benefit financially from improvements in efficiency and conservation.  If we use less fuel than the customer did historically, we share the savings.  This gives both parties incentive to do everything possible to use heat wisely and generate it efficiently.  We’re unaware of any other such setup.  Typically, one party has no incentive to care about the system’s true, long-term operating efficiency.
  • To ensure top efficiency and problem-free operation, Xylogen installs a web-enabled control and monitoring system.  This allows us to discover opportunities for efficiency improvements and identify and rectify any problems before they turn into costly and uncomfortable “no-heat” calls from the customer.