joined forces to form Xylogen in early 2012.

 Xylogen LLC represents the formalization of an ongoing professional collaboration begun in 2005 between Mark Froling of Froling Energy and Henry Spindler of Optimal Energy Solutions LLC.

Mark’s work has included industrial construction (including multiple facilities for New England Wood Pellet) and, in the last several years, installation of renewable energy systems for schools, municipalities and private companies and individuals.  These installations have included solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems as well as biomass (i.e., wood in the form of pellets, chips and logs) heating systems.

Henry (Master’s in Building Technology and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT) has contributed to Mark’s projects by providing engineering consultation on building envelope design and heating system design (including customized control system design).  His specialty is the unification of the mechanical systems and their controls to make the entire system operate as efficiently as possible.

The core competencies and values-based approach that Mark and Henry bring to Xylogen LLC are unique.  We understand that it takes both solid equipment and a top-notch, well-integrated installation to make a project successful.  Even great equipment with poorly implemented controls leads to tremendous waste.   We see that time and again in the facilities we visit.